Perform in Berlin

If you are a comedian wishing to perform in Berlin, you’ve reached the right page. Berlin has a thriving English-language scene with multiple shows happening a night. Professional to beginner, we have a show for you.

Guys, please do your own research before messaging a show. Find out the exact dates you will be here, and message the appropriate show that corresponds with that date & send them a personalised message. Nobody wants to do the work for you unless you’re super famous or something.

Open Mics

Our open mics are pretty much the best in mainland Europe, often packed with comedy-hungry crowds. If you wish to perform please visit our open mics page and contact the relevant people. It’s best you give at least 2 weeks notice. If you’re a professional you may be considered for a paid spot.

Paid Shows

If you’re used to being paid to perform, please supply a video of you killing it in English, a short bio and head to our showcases page. It’s best you give 2 months notice. But don’t overlook our open mics, although often unpaid – they can be the most fun gigs.


There are plenty of opportunities to improvise in English in Berlin. Checkout the great workshops of ComedySportz (short-form) Hive Improv (all)