Regular English Language open-mic comedy shows in Berlin

This page lists every English language comedy open-mic in Berlin that we know about. Most clubs take their sign-ups on Facebook via that weeks event page. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can email. We are a busy little scene so if you are planning a trip please give at least a weeks notice – and please, don’t cancel with short notice!

For showcases go here.

This was updated on 06.03.18

Every Sunday
Freudien Slips, Neukölln
Adorable idiots, Mitte
Last Stand, Friedrichshain

Last Sunday
Teepeeland “Stands up”, Friedrichshain

Every Monday
Monday Night Mics, Neukölln
Cosmic Comedy, Mitte
Laughing Spree, Friedrichshain

Every Tuesday
We Are Not Gemüsed, Neukölln
The Nose, Wedding
Laugh Riot, Neukölln

Every Wednesday
Slingshot, Mitte
Joke Time, Neukölln
Another Comedy Show, Prenzlauer Berg
Four Eyes Story Night, Kreuzberg

Every Thursday
Cosmic Comedy, Mitte
Chuckleheads , Neukölln
Krackers, Tiergarten

Every Friday
Adorable Creatures, Kreuzberg

Fourth Friday
Revolver Comedy, Kreuzberg